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NELLORE: After the civic proceedings of Nellore and Kavali, the municipality of Gudur imposed a ban on single-use plastic. Authorities conducted awareness campaigns on the harmful effects of single-use plastic in Gudur town, Nellore district.

There are 13,000 households within the city limits of Gudur and each family uses 250 grams of plastic per day. About 2.9 tons of plastic are used daily in Gudur town. The use of plastic bags is pervasive from the seller to the end user.

“The ban was enforced with the good intention of protecting future generations from the harmful effects of plastic. We have taken measures to make biodegradable fabrics and bags available to shops in the town. Traders and consumers should not use plastic carrier bags with a thickness of less than 50 microns, ”said Srikanth, commissioner of the municipality of Gudur.

The municipal authorities of Nellore and Kavali organized sensitization sessions for traders and vendors on the ban on transport bags in 2019. In addition, they launched raids in Nellore and Kavali to enforce compliance. the ban on plastic transport bags. Civic bodies apply the ban. according to the directives of the Center and the Supreme Court.

If the authorities find that wholesalers, retailers, small traders, hoteliers and even street vendors are using single-use plastic carrier bags, they must pay Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 for the first two offenses and the third time, they will lose their license.

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