All roads in Amman are open : Municipality


Amman Municipality Maintenance Director, Engineer Walid Al-Amoush confirmed that all roads in the capital, Amman, are passable and there are no closures.

The Municipality of Greater Amman had raised the state of emergency from medium to maximum water to deal with the depression that is raging in the Kingdom.

The Municipality of Amman has renewed the appeal to citizens, in the event of an accident or sighting, to call the main emergency numbers of the Tla ‘Al-Ali area 065359970 or 065359971 or mobile 0798166789, and the rooms operations of the 22 sub-regions of the municipality of Amman.

He also called on citizens to take the initiative to remove movable panels from the roofs of buildings which may be subject to volatility due to wind and air speed, and to exercise caution and caution in staying away from valleys and low areas, and not connecting house gutters (roof) to sewage (sewage) outlets to prevent flooding in roads, and not dumping waste blindly , causing the blockage of storm drains.

The Municipality of Amman called for inspection of submersible pumps on floors and stores below street level, and for traders to take preventive precautions when storing goods in warehouses and basements.

He also called on contractors and owners of construction projects to take the initiative to secure construction materials to avoid their erosion and being directly caused by the closure of storm drains.

On Saturday, the Kingdom is affected by a second-order atmospheric depression, which is accompanied by heavy rains in the various regions of the north and center of the Kingdom, and snowfall on the heights of the south of the Kingdom.


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