Altice Portugal: MEO, the owner of MEO, brings a new municipality to the right with the latest technologies and a new era of communication


Altice Portugal, owner of the MEO brand, continues to participate in the success of its own business. On the other hand, it formalized a protocol to improve the quality and coverage of optical fiber and mobile services in Penacova.

Altice improves quality and offers fiber optic and mobile network coverage.

This is a partnership that provides up to 80% of the connectivity coverage of the inhabitants of the municipalities thanks to state-of-the-art fiber optic technology. And the mobile network infrastructure is strengthened by the deployment of two new base stations in Penacova and Lorvao.

Altice Portugal says that today 6.3 million Portuguese homes and businesses have fiber optic coverage from the largest fiber optic network in the country. The operator claims it is the largest fiber optic network in Europe.

The city wants to become the biggest investor and partner of the Portuguese capitals with the latest technologies and a mobile network of specialized resources. A few years ago, the government roamed the region and moved south in order to produce modern, modern and sophisticated networks without ever paying attention to the demography and the centrality of the territory.

This protocol aims to unite efforts between the Lisbon coast and Penacova. Municipalities give people a level playing field, since the whole town is in love.

This strengthening of connections by Altice Portugal will contribute to a great development of the Beira coast. In fact, he also intends to unite support for Portuguese traditions and territory.


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