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It’s no surprise that people have been under a ton of stress lately and not just from the busy holiday season. A recent American Psychological Association Survey stress in America has revealed that nearly a third of adults are so stressed by the pandemic that they are struggling to make basic decisions. These unprecedented levels of stress have prompted experts to Amerisleep to conduct a study to determine the most stressful state in the United States – information that can be used if you are researching the best places to live in the United States or the best places to vacation.

The Amerisleep study was based on the analysis of 22 different stressors related to work, money, health and the environment. This included access to open spaces, noise levels, rates of depression, physical activity, sleep levels, house prices, income and more. The data was taken from sources ranging from the United States Census Bureau to the SAMHSA National Mental Health Services Survey and the United States Department of Agriculture.

“Stress is a serious factor that can greatly affect a person’s health and lifestyle, with the current pandemic only increasing levels,” says April Mayer of Amerisleep. “It’s very interesting to see which states rank as the most stressful and least stressful places to better understand how people and government can ensure good mental and physical health. “

The study found that a beautiful tropical paradise is, in fact, America’s most stressful state. Surprise: it’s Hawaii. One of the main reasons Hawaii tops the list? State Scores Bad on Money Stress – 49e worst in the country. Hawaii has staggering housing prices: $ 1,293,301 on average, the third highest in the United States, and it also has the highest rental prices in America, averaging $ 1,327 per month. Hawaii is known for its natural beauty, but surprisingly it gets the 48e worst score in the country for environmental factors including poor road conditions and noise. Hawaii is also the second noisiest state.

Second on the list of America’s most stressed states is another place known as a tropical paradise: Florida. The state ranks poorly due to the low number of national parks and open spaces per square mile of land, high noise levels, low number of mental health facilities per capita, and relatively low adjusted gross income. Another factor: a high unemployment rate, with 6.5% of the population registering as unemployed.

At the other end of the list, the least stressed state in America is Vermont. The study found that Vermont has a low level of money stress due to the lowest level of poverty recorded per capita. Vermont also has a high ratio of mental health treatment facilities per capita, the second highest in the country. Additionally, it ranks second in the health stress subcategory as it is one of the best states for physical activity and adequate sleep.

It’s also worth looking at the individual subcategories on the list. For example, Maine has the lowest environmental stress levels in the country. This contributes to the state being named the second least stressed state in America on the global list. The state has the highest percentage of tree cover, at 89.5% of the state, as well as the fourth best road network in America. Another key factor contributing to the state’s overall ranking: It ranks third for health-related stress.

The state with the highest level of environmental stress in the country? California.

The least stressful place to work in America is Massachusetts. Some of the factors pushing the state to the top of this list? It has the second highest minimum wage of any state, at $ 13.50 an hour, as well as the highest dollars per hour earned, around $ 35.76.

At the other end of the list: Oklahoma, which is the most stressful place to work in America.

When it comes to money stress, Nebraska is the least stressful state. The state has the second lowest debt per capita, as well as low prices for home purchases ($ 328,872 on average) and monthly rent ($ 726).

The most stressed state for money? New Jersey.

When it comes to health stress, Alaska is the least stressed state. Alaska has the third highest number of mental health facilities per capita, as well as a high ranking for physical activity and sleep. The state also has some of the lowest commute times to work.

The state with the highest level of health-related stress? New Jersey.

So where does your state land on the list? Read on for the overall ranking of the 50 states, from the least stressed state to the most stressed state.

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Nebraska
  4. Montana
  5. Arkansas
  6. South Dakota
  7. Wyoming
  8. North Dakota
  9. Oregon
  10. Tennessee
  11. Minnesota
  12. Idaho
  13. Utah
  14. Colorado
  15. Kansas
  16. Virginia
  17. Washington
  18. New Hampshire
  19. West Virginia
  20. Alabama
  21. Alaska
  22. Mississippi
  23. Nevada
  24. Iowa
  25. Wisconsin
  26. Kentucky
  27. Missouri
  28. Ohio
  29. Rhode Island
  30. Texas
  31. Connecticut
  32. North Carolina
  33. New Mexico
  34. Massachusetts
  35. Georgia
  36. Arizona
  37. Pennsylvania
  38. Caroline from the south
  39. Oklahoma
  40. Illinois
  41. Michigan
  42. Delaware
  43. Maryland
  44. New Jersey
  45. Louisiana
  46. Indiana
  47. new York
  48. California
  49. Florida
  50. Hawaii


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