APBN warns professional organizations against excessive dependence on government sponsorship


Rahim Akingbolu

A major player in the company and former CEO of Cpms, Kadiri Adebayo Adeola called on professional bodies in Nigeria to start engaging in activities that could further strengthen Nigeria’s development profile and what they could do in outside of government rather than putting all their hope in what comes from government.

Speaking at the 37th Annual General Meeting of the Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN), held recently in Lagos, Adeola, who spoke on the document titled “Rethinking Professionalism, Leadership and Development Said that if society were to change for the better, it must start with a few individuals who determine the desired values ​​that society should embrace, embrace and commit to, and form the core from which these values ​​are disseminated throughout society as a whole.

He said that rather than focusing on service delivery, the nation’s professionals are concerned about government complaints about inadequacies for members.

So he tasked the members of the association to shed the legal mindset they presently exhibit and work hard to deliver products and services that will delight their clients, clients and end users with these offerings.

The guest speaker, who also urged professionals to be competent and ready to provide quality services to ensure clients get value for their money, added that in addition to regulating their members and ensuring their well-being, the essence of professional associations is also to protect the public from incompetent and unethical professionals.

He stressed that the appeal has become imperative as many professionals across the country do not demonstrate adequate skill and ethics, making it difficult for customers to seek redress in the event of dissatisfaction.

The guest speaker also denounced the current situation in the country where most professions do not have viable or visible professional associations to regulate them, especially at the professional and craft level.

“Even among elite professions where professional associations exist, professional associations generally focus on the well-being of their members rather than on the quality of service delivery to the public. The emphasis is more on qualification than on competence.

“If the assumption that the daily life experience of citizens derives from interaction with professionals is accepted, then the frustration experienced by citizens can be significantly improved if the quality of professional performance improves,” said he added.
Adeola instructed professionals in the country to increase their stake in addressing the greatest challenges of national development.

Previously, the president of the association Akinloye O. Oyegbola had expressed the willingness of professionals in the country to support governments at national and subnational levels. He condemned the obvious preference of governments at different levels for foreign professionals over local professionals.

However, he accused the 30 member associations of the need to improve professionalism and ensure that their clients get value for their money.

Likewise, he expressed the association’s concern over the country’s inclination for borrowing, said that if the loan is for infrastructure, then the loans should be repaid themselves.
The association also looked into the lingering issue of VAT and suggested that it be widely taken into account at all levels to prevent it from escalating into a conflagration crisis. “Tax duplicity issues will depress the economy if they are not nipped in the bud,” he said.
Regarding AFCFTA, the association believes that Nigeria, as the continent’s largest economy, has a huge role to play in making the African Continental Free Trade Agreement work.

“The AfCFTA ensures the free movement of goods and services on the markets of the signatory countries of the agreement. Signatories to the agreement have the opportunity to explore the continent’s more than $ 1.2 billion market. We would like to implore the federal government to encourage Nigerian brands and investors to take advantage of this deal to expand their business borders and improve the country’s economy.


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