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Sayanora’s fashion statement is as bold as her politics. She never lets other people’s opinions influence her dress sense. All of this, of course, took a long time. This evolution from a girl who only had churidars in her wardrobe to experimenting with outfits took time. She attributes this change to a few people and her own experiences. Sayanora Philip talks about her fashion evolution.

Beauty is in your confidence

For a very long time, I lived far from the fashion world. In college, I wore salwars cut from my mother’s saree. I only wore churidars back then as I was conscious of my legs and arms. Slowly my attitude towards my body began to change. I realized that beauty is a matter of a person’s confidence and not what the public perceives as the standard of beauty. I gained confidence. I started loving my body and wearing the clothes I liked. I don’t care about comments on social media. This is my life, and I can only live it once. I intend to live it as I want without disturbing anyone.

When you choose an outfit

I consider the weather. As we have a tropical climate, I avoid clothes that warm me up. Comfort is key, and you should feel happy wearing it. This naturally gives you confidence.

Recently on a trip to Dubai, I tried African braids on my hair. But it also caused a lot of hair loss, so I shortened my hair. Now I love this hairstyle. I’ve always thought that our clothes and makeovers help improve our attitude. I also strive to bring a personal fashion statement.

I often had to wear outfits and accessories that were not comfortable. High heels for example. But had to wear them for some events by constraint. And once after 2 or 3 songs, I took my heels off and went barefoot on stage. That’s why I say that comfort is very important to me.

fashion models

I love Poornima chechi (Poornima Indrajith). Previously, I was very aware of my body. It was Poornima chechi who gave me confidence: “Who said that only thin people are beautiful? You should learn to find the beauty in your body. Built your confidence. She said a lot of motivating things. I love her style and sense of color. She’s a wonderful woman.

I love model Ashely Graham’s style. My friend Mridula Murali’s dress style is also amazing.

beauty standards

We need to go beyond conventional beauty standards when it comes to color and figure. I do yoga, kickboxing and I go for walks. These are part of my lifestyle. I’m not doing this to lose weight. My only goal is to stay in shape.

My favorite accessory

I love head accessories. Since I cut my hair, I buy different hats and headbands. My nose pin is my statement piece of jewelry. I use clips as nose pins. Now I wear anklets. Ever since my mom bought it for me, it’s been very close to my heart. I wear minimal jewelry. When I wear a saree, I accessorize it with bracelets, earrings and a necklace. Or I just wear a nose pin or a choker. I don’t wear everything together.


I avoid online shopping. Usually I tend to pick things I like wherever I go. My runway clothes are designed in a boutique called Jesash. I love the accessories from the Mridula Murali brand. I shop in his store. Not that I’m very picky about brands. But I like the fit and seams of some brands. And they also last a long time.

be original

Create your own individual style! Never copy anyone. I take the things that suit me. But it doesn’t have to suit others. I like to experiment with my appearance. It helps to create an individual style.


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