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CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority recently announced the availability of demolition funding.

Declaration of Intent

The Clearfield County Board of Commissioners, by Resolution No. 2020-01 dated January 28, 2020, established the Clearfield County Demolition Fund.

The Commissioners established the fund to help mitigate the costs associated with the demolition of derelict property, as defined by the Abandoned and Degraded Property Preservation Act.

Applicants must agree to a mortgage repossession; these funds will be made available for reuse for further demolition of the burn in Clearfield County.

Authorizing legislation

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by statute dated November 4, 2016, PL 1170, No. 152, 42 PS Section 21052.2, gave the Commissioners power, by resolution, to authorize additional registration fees to be imposed by the recorder of deeds with said fees to be deposited in a demolition fund.

Administering Agency

Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority

Program Benefits

The program generates much-needed revenue to address ongoing blight situations across the county. The demolition fund is aligned with the strategies and goals of the county’s comprehensive and burn plans.

Eligible candidates

A municipality, which includes any city, township, borough or rule to which it belongs, in Clearfield County.

Funding can be used for rundown properties in the county that are municipally owned, nonprofit, for-profit, or resident with the municipality serving as the applicant.

Eligible projects

Eligible projects will include residential or commercial use.

Eligible Uses of Funding

Eligible activities are those that include proper removal of hazardous materials, disconnection of utilities, obtaining proper demolition permits, leveling of structures, proper disposal of demolition waste, backfilling and regrading of the site, placing cover materials such as seed or gravel, and cleaning the site.

The Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority is accepting applications for demolition funds through July 11, 2022.

Program inquiries should be directed to: Lisa Kovalick, Executive Director, Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority, 212 E. Locust St., Suite 128A, Clearfield, PA 16830; Phone: 814-765-5149; or Email: [email protected]

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