East Ferris ‘in good financial position’ with 2022 budget


East Ferris passed its 2022 budget with a 2% increase in tax levies, which represents an additional $118,513 the municipality will collect. The council wanted to keep the increase to around 2%, and to do so the municipality took “about” $290,000 from the reserves “to balance out the year,” said East Ferris general manager Jason Trottier. .

“Without reservations, we would have been at 6.94%” increase in the levy, explained Trottier. “We didn’t want that,” he added. The drafting of the budget went well, but it was a lot of “line-by-line” combing to prepare something for the board’s consideration.

In total, the operating budget is $8,374,839 to operate East Ferris. The capital budget “is just over nine million on its own,” Trottier clarified, “which is quite high, we don’t usually have a budget that high, but we have the new municipal office included this year to five million dollars. ”

This new office is arguably the largest item in the Capitol’s budget, and $800,000 is also being allocated to replace the municipal works garage that was destroyed by fire last spring.

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Overall, Trottier is happy that both budgets are “pretty status quo” and that one of the main reasons the municipality had to dip into reserves was “rising fuel costs.” Insurance costs are also rising, an issue affecting many municipalities, Trottier noted.

Add to that record inflation and municipal costs rise. Fuel, Propane, and Electricity accumulate faster now. “We haven’t added any new staff, so that’s not what’s driving the budget up,” Trottier said.

The budget includes funds for a pay equity compensation review, which is mandatory and does not take place every year. Trottier also mentioned that the municipality has earmarked funds for a “Road Needs Study” to determine the quality of East Ferris’ roads and what to do with them.

In addition to financing the study, “we are investing about $800,000 in roads,” including surface treatment on Derland Road and Quae Quae Road. “We are also doing a gravel road program on the south end, which is Astorville Road”, and “some asphalt work” on Village Road.

Trottier also mentioned that the municipality will invest in the Pôle récréatif de Corbeil, including a cover for the outdoor skating rink and a new play structure.

“We have healthy reserves,” Trottier said, noting that the municipality doesn’t have a lot of projects going year-over-year, “so I would say we’re in a good financial position.”

David Briggs is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter who works for BayToday, a Village Media publication. The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.


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