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A wind farm developer is seeking approval to build a weather mast in the Municipality of Burnie. Wind farm developer Epuron Projects is in the process of determining the suitability of developing up to 40 wind turbines, which are expected to produce around 220 megawatts, on the Ridgley Highway, about three miles southwest of Hampshire. Epuron has filed a public display development application with Burnie City Council to obtain a land permit for the construction of a 142m high weather mast on the site. “The intention of this weather mast is to obtain adequate meteorological information to know if the exploitation of renewable energies is an opportunity on this site”, indicates the request. “A series of anemometers, wind vanes, temperature and pressure sensors will be attached to the mast, all connected to a data logger.” The application states that the guyed truss structure would have wind monitoring instruments at approximately 20 meter intervals and a footprint of 23 square meters for the base and anchor points. “The mast is a temporary structure and will be located on site for five to 10 years to get adequate data,” the request said. “The mast encountered will not require increased site visits as all data will be downloaded remotely.” The site is currently used for forestry and the request indicates that it contains no evidence of native vegetation. “The location of the mast encountered is planned for harvesting before its installation, so the site will be cleared”, indicates the request. “However, once Forico begins to replant, an asset protection buffer will be needed around the structure.” Epuron says on its website that it will host a community briefing on the project “as soon as possible next year” subject to COVID restrictions.



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