Floods kill at least 3 in Cuba


Heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Agatha inundated much of western Cuba on Friday, killing at least three people in Havana.

Thousands of area residents lost power and a man from Pinar del Rio province was also missing, Cuban officials said.

“Heavy heavy rains and electrical storms have affected the western and central regions of Cuba with accumulations greater than 200 millimeters, which will continue until today and tomorrow Saturday,” the Meteorological Office said. Cuban (INSMET).

A 44-year-old man, originally reported missing, was found dead Friday night in the western province of Pinar del Rio after falling into a stream, according to local news site CubaDebate.

They also reported another missing person in the area.

Agatha crashed into southern Mexico with the potential to re-build into a tropical storm in the Atlantic, the Miami-based US National Hurricane Center said.

So far, heavy rains “have caused flooding in localities ranging from Pinar del Rio (far west) to Sancti Spiritus (center) and in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud (south of Havana)”, said INSMET.

With parts of the capital flooded, state media footage showed rescuers in areas of central Havana evacuating people by canoe.

Nearly 2,000 people have decided to evacuate their homes, authorities said, while around 50,000 customers in Havana province are without power.

“People are almost waist deep in water,” said Luis Antonio Torres, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PPC) in the capital.

He had visited the municipality of Cerro, one of the most damaged areas, where at least one bridge fell and floodwaters seeped into some houses.

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1 each year and ends on November 30 for the North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.


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