HH Launches Water Investment Program in Zambia ~


President Brian Mwale, Hakainde Hichilema, has launched the Zambia Water Investment Program (ZIP) 2020-2030 which will ensure national water security and the sustainable management and use of water resources of Zambia for socio-economic development.

Speaking at the high-level international panel on investing in water for Africa on the sidelines of the AU summit, President Hichilema said the program was a game-changer for Zambia’s discourse on water. ‘water.

Mr. Hichilema explained that water is a key factor in socio-economic development
and an important resource for present and future generations.

The President added that it is gratifying to see the water sector receiving the required attention, adding that with climate change, Zambia and the African continent have realized the importance of the resource.

He said that climate change is real, as evidenced by its impact on the water sector, so it is important that African leaders drive the economic and social development agenda in the spirit of sustainability.

And former Tanzanian President JAKAYA KIKWETE has called for increased investment in the water sector in Africa.

Mr. KIKWETE said that the continent has a huge investment gap of over $10 million.

He noted that Africa needs to mobilize about $30 billion per year by 2030 to achieve Sustainable Development Goal number six on water and sanitation.

In a video to the International High Level Panel on Water Investments for Africa held in Lusaka on the sidelines of the AU Mid-Year Coordination Meeting, Mr. KIKWETE, Chair of the Partnership for water in southern Africa, called for a concerted effort.
among stakeholders to invest in water.

And Minister of Water Development MIKE MPOSHA commended President HICHILEMA for his commitment to developing the water sector in Zambia.

And, AU Commissioner; Rural Economy and Agriculture JOSEFA SACKO noted that dilapidated infrastructure, lack of sanitation facilities and urbanization have proven to be among the challenges that require huge water investments on the continent.

Ms. SICKO said there is an urgent need to develop a continental water policy and hopes the high level panel will look into the policy. water which is a central aspect of Agenda 2063 for the AU.

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