Kacific brings mobile backhaul to telecom operators in Southeast Asia


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Singapore-based broadband satellite operator Kacific has introduced its Ka-band mobile backhaul service for Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecom operators in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Founded in 2013, Kacific Broadband Satellite Group is a wholesale provider that provides satellite broadband services to carriers, ISPs, governments and other service providers.

The company’s first Ka-band high-speed satellite, Kacific1, launched in 2019 to deliver ultra-reliable high-speed broadband to rural and suburban areas of the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

At the end of 2019, the company selected Tata Communications to provide terrestrial connectivity and security services for the Kacific1 satellite.

Ka band refers to the range of the 26-40 GHz radio spectrum, with Kacific’s technology using targeted beams providing high throughput capability.

The company’s coverage currently extends to more than 25 Asia-Pacific countries, including the Philippines, New Zealand, Indonesia and Samoa, with populations spread across many islands and mountainous and rural areas.

Kacific’s mobile link service was developed and tested in 2020 and has already been used to connect key operators in Asia and the Pacific.

Now, Kacific has made it available to all ISPs, telecom operators and government agencies in all the countries it serves in Asia and the Pacific.

It is hoped that the new Ka-band mobile link service offering will enable operators to extend the reach of their network in remote and hard-to-reach areas, and provide them with an effective means of reducing congestion in urban environments to strong demand.

The mobile link offering is part of Kacific’s FlexVNO solution set, which basically provides Ka-band satellite bandwidth to telecom operators who can, in turn, tailor it to meet their customers’ needs. , flexibly providing 3G and 4G coverage to end users.

“Mobile backhaul is a highly flexible and personalized solution that addresses some of the most pressing challenges facing telecom operators,” said Brandon Seir, Commercial Director of Kacific. “It enables operators to solve the problems of remote connectivity, urban congestion and efficient use of bandwidth by taking full advantage of FlexVNO, its power and versatility.

“Operators can quickly deploy small antennas and then adapt how they use Kacific bandwidth. They have access to a full range of configuration parameters, distributing bandwidth between terminals and sites, setting preferences on services and sites and integrating it into their networks, ”he added.

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