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FC Barcelona are about to enter one of the most ‘turbulent’ signing windows in the institution’s history. The Catalan group is looking for players who strengthen the positions that Xavi Hernández considers weakened in his squad, and since then the Camp Nou offices have annotated in his “diary” to certain weight names by which will go to market. On them the president, Joan Laporta, pronounced in the emission of Catalonia Ràdio ‘Tot Coast’, the one that also spoke about the economic actuality of the club.

One of the ‘hottest’ topics of the last few hours has been the meeting between ‘Jan’ and Peter Lim, president of Valencia. Everything aims that in the same put on the table the names of Carlos Soler and José Luis Gayà, players that Barca are interested in, but Laporta didn’t want to go into details. “The president of Valencia came and ate together to talk about institutional matters. It was annoying, because they recorded certain conversations for him. I can’t speak to the content of the food. These are subjects that must be dealt with, but which must be kept discreet,” he said.

Likewise, when asked about the possible signing of Robert Lewandowski by the club, the entity’s maximum principal was cautious in this regard. “We go to work in the football department and in the technical office. I can’t answer with details, because we are working to make the team competitive. It’s not easy, coming from a very difficult economic situation, Working to revert it, will be when we can tackle big signings. But the priority is the club’s economy.”

In this sense, Laporta has instructed to reiterate on several occasions that the priority in these moments is to wipe the finances of Barça in order to be able to tackle the planned incorporations, affirming that “if we achieve a healthy economy, the economy will be able to cope with all the operations in which we arework “. In addition, he mentioned the tope date that takes care of the institution to be able to solve the financial problems that drag the team. “If before June 30, we can activate any of the options that have or two combined would have practically sanitized the economic of the club.

He’s aiming for the Champions

In the same way, the director assured that so much he likes that his work team does everything within his reach to go up to the highest the directed by Xavi Hernández. Joan argued that the Barcelona group must be candidates for all next year, included in the maximum continental club competition. “I will do my best so that we can opt for the maximum objectives. The coming season must aspire to everything, Champions League incluída“, sentenced.


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