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Loans for bad payers

Have you paid the installments of a loan or mortgage late and maybe you need another loan?

If the answer is yes then you should read this article about borrowing even for bad payers.




If you are a bad payer or have protested to you a check or bill you may have difficulty obtaining a loan as it is reported in the databases.

For private or public employees and for pensioners there is the possibility of resorting to the assignment of the fifth where the installment is withheld and paid to the financial company by the employer.

In this, even if the loan is requested by a bad payer or by a protestor, there should be no great difficulty.

But the fifth assignment is not always accepted willingly and the main reason remains the fact that the employees do not want to inform the employer of their personal aspects.

Obviously, however, if you need a loan for bad payers or protested, it is still a valid alternative to obtain a loan even with good interest rates and even for large amounts.

If we wanted to keep the sale of the fifth as a last resort or in the presence of this loan without the possibility of being able to renew it because the terms did not run, we see what other forms of loans also for bad payers and offers us the market.

First, let’s try to understand what it means to be a bad payer.

What does it mean to be a bad payer?

What does it mean to be a bad payer?

Each loan contractually provides for the payment of monthly installments by a certain deadline.

When this deadline is not met and the installment is paid late, the so-called credit information systems may be reported negatively at the credit databases.

Should this happen it is advisable to immediately contact the financial company to arrange immediate payment of the unpaid installment also because if it is the first time that you pay with a few days of delay the report should not be immediate.

A timely intervention could avoid a negative report and therefore avoid entering the category of cativi payers.

A special case is when we have unpaid installments and maybe not paid continuously. In this house we will certainly be reported as bad payers. Therefore, if further liquidity is required, the way to obtain a loan for bad payers must be properly evaluated.

In case we have any doubts because for example we do not know if the reports are still present or because we have not received communications from the financial company despite late payments, it is always advisable to request the checks in the databases.

Loans for bad payers without assignment of the fifth

Loans for bad payers without assignment of the fifth

There are alternatives in case you want to apply for a loan even if you are a bad payer without requesting the sale of the fifth.

So let’s see what are the market possibilities TO GET A LOAN FOR BAD PAYERS

Loans between private and bad payers

A valid alternative could be to request a loan from other individuals as relatives or friends, perhaps by entering into a private agreement.

Alternatively, there are many social lending platforms where private groups make their money available, which is lent by some authorized companies.

Loans could also be granted to those who have had some minor payment problems (installments paid late). In the event of heavy and repeated unpaid debts, even in this case it will be very difficult to obtain a loan.

It is still worth trying to try and request a quote for this type of financing.

Response times are quite fast. Read also our article on private loans where you can also find the nonmi of the main companies that manage this product.

Loans changed for bad payers

A loan that is in great demand for bad payers is the loan.

In this case the repayment of the loan will be guaranteed by the signing of bills and the payment of the installment must be made by the deadline of the bill of exchange

In case of non-payment we risk being protested.

In this case we would be seriously worsening our position as a bad payer and obtaining a loan would be much more complicated.

This could be the only opportunity to obtain a loan for autonomous bad payers as there is no guarantee of a paycheck.

For more information, read our in-depth analysis on loan changes.

Payment delegation

In the event of a request for a loan for bad payers without assignment of the fifth, one must understand the reason for this request.

If we had already obtained this type of financing we could try to request a second loan on the payroll. This second assignment is called a payment delegation and can be requested by private and state employees.

It should be noted that not all administrations accept this type of loan as it is not obligatory for them as the sale of the fifth.

Obviously if we had the sale of the renewable fifth it could be a good solution to request the renewal to get new liquidity even if bad payers.

Advance payment of the severance pay or corporate loan

In case we need liquidity but we are not in a position to apply for a loan as bad payers we can try to ask our employer for help.

In fact we could have the possibility of requesting a corporate loan, often without interest. Certainly, we need to find an employer willing to lend us a loan, perhaps explaining the fact that being bad payers we don’t have many alternatives.

Alternatively we can ask for an advance payment of our liquidation (tfr) even if it is not very recommended since after the last pension reforms it could be useful when we retire as an income supplement in case of joining a pension fund.


Personal loan for bad payers

The personal loan is a fiduciary loan that therefore goes to the financial trust of the consumer.

In case we wanted to get a new personal loan but we found ourselves to be bad payers, it will be very difficult to get this kind of financing again.

To obtain a personal loan for bad payers again, it will be necessary to wait for our negative reports regarding late payments or outstanding payments to be canceled according to the timelines of the databases.

Loans for bad payers. Request a consultation

Loans for bad payers. Request a consultation

In case you want to have a specific consultancy to understand which type of loan you could obtain, you can ask us for a consultation in which we will evaluate your credit situation for free.

The first step is to request an overview of the main credit databases, such as the CRIF.