Maine Gov. Mills signs law reimbursing municipalities for marijuana businesses


Maine Governor Janet Mills signed into law a bill on Friday that would allow the state to reimburse municipalities for their expenses in licensing adult-use marijuana businesses.

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The legislation, LD 1195, authorizes reimbursement of up to $20,000 for expenses such as legal fees and other costs associated with writing or changing ordinances, holding town meetings, or holding meetings. ‘elections. Funding would come from the renamed Adult Use Marijuana Public Health and Safety and Municipal Opt-in Fund, which receives its funding from sales and excise taxes imposed on adult-use marijuana and related products.

The legislation was drafted by Rep. Tiffany Roberts (D-South Berwick), chair of the House Chair of the Legislative Assembly’s Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Affairs Committee, who is in his second term.

“In the development of Maine’s adult-use marijuana industry, the state has asked municipalities to help balance the newly sanctioned use of this product, however, they are not yet seeing a return on their investment. “, Roberts said. “This bill will allow municipal governments to recoup the expense of their regulation of the adult use industry and encourage partnerships with local businesses.”

The law will come into force 90 days after the end of the current legislative session.


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