MAN, SON Collaborate to Combat Influx of Substandard Goods


1 The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) on Tuesday urged industry players to redefine their production processes to align with global standards.

2 SON Managing Director, Malam Farouk Salim, gave the advice at MAN’s 51st Annual General Meeting in Lagos on the theme: “Standards: An imperative for competitive manufacturing in a continental and global market.

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Salim commended the manufacturers for playing to the set standards and supporting the fight against substandard products to engender the competitiveness of Nigerian products in the international market.

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4 He said the agency would continue to ensure that local manufacturers are protected from importing counterfeit and substandard products circulating in the country.

5 Salim affirmed the agency’s determination to help businesses and manufacturers become competitive and successful through the various standardization and quality assurance standards available.

6 “The topic is relevant, with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which would create new opportunities for African manufacturers to explore new grounds and exert a positive influence.

seven “This will bring competitiveness and increase the need for industries to improve their standards, as countries that adopt standards experience faster growth.

8 “We are, however, requesting more testing labs from the federal government and individuals and are prepared to work with manufacturers to improve continental market access,” he said.

9 Salim instructed the association to claim its right by insisting on a tax one-stop shop to be pursued by going to the National Assembly to strategize to achieve development.

ten Engineer Mansur Ahmed, president of MAN, assured that the manufacturers will continue to work with SON and ensure that members who do not perform according to established standards are addressed and accounted for.

11 Ahmed implored indigenous start-ups to adhere strictly to the standards in order to give their products the required edge in the AfCFTA.

12 He noted that the manufacturing industry was not where it should be due to its dependence on imported products.

13 “We are weak because we depend on imported goods.

14 No country survives by importing but by consuming and exporting what it produces,” he said.

15 Furthermore, the Chairman of the Apapa Branch, MAN, Mr. Frank Onyebu, said that the business environment in 2021 is challenging for manufacturing, especially due to the direct fallout from economic trends.

16 He added that most worrying was the fact that key operational challenges identified in the past still haunted the real sector.

17 He said resilience could be the reason most Apapa Axis makers were still in business despite ever-increasing inputs.

18 “We have not yet recovered from the impact of COVID-19 on the sector.

19 “Our quest to continue creating jobs for unemployed young people who team up is threatened by these challenges.

20 “Job losses are imminent with supply chain disruptions, raw material scarcity, production line disruptions, homeland security, currency illiquidity, restraints, inflationary pressures, l weakening purchasing power, poor public infrastructure, multiple taxation and port-related problems.

21 “However, these challenges are not just limited to the manufacturing sector.

22 “This calls for drastic and urgent interventions to warn of its effects on the economy by rehabilitating road networks, creating policies that encourage manufacturers and provide lasting solutions to the traffic jam around ports and the Apapa axis,” he said.

23 Environmentalist and Chief Executive of the Lagos State Environment and Protection Agency (LASEPA), Ms. Dolapo Fasawe, has hinted that the agency is stepping up its plans to reduce harmful emissions from industrial activities .

24 She added that the agency had reduced the statutory fee for manufacturers by 50 percent.

25 She added that industrial waste would continue to be properly handled in a sustainable way and recycled.

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