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A roundup of human rights stories from around the world.

The arrest of the head of a Russian bar condemned | The Gazette of the Bar

The International Bar Association has condemned the arrest and pre-trial detention of Russian lawyer Dmitry Talantov, President of the Bar of the Republic of Udmurtia, following comments he posted on Facebook criticizing the Russian invasion from Ukraine.

Prominent human rights lawyer loses seat on Hong Kong Law Society board as ex-president wins re-election | South China Morning Post

A prominent human rights lawyer in Hong Kong has lost his seat on the Law Society’s board, while a former president was re-elected in the latest reshuffle in the city’s top legal body. town.

Nigeria. Human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong released from prison | Prime time

Human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong has just been released from Uyo prison after serving 30 days for contempt of court.

Iranian exiles sue President Raisi in US ahead of UN meeting | The new Arabic

A group of exiles announced a trial in New York against Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday, daring US authorities to take action against him as he is due to arrive next month for the United Nations General Assembly.

Rights Watchdog Says Protesters in Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Region Denied Fair Trials | RFE/RL

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on Tajik authorities to end the “unwarranted detention” of residents of the volatile Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), a Central Asian country, dozens of whom have been detained. arrested since the May protests and “face closed and unfair trials”.

US asks Israel to review IDF ‘rules of engagement’ in West Bank | Axios

The Biden administration wants Israel to review its “rules of engagement” during military operations in the occupied West Bank following the murder of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Vietnamese court upholds nine-year prison sentence for democracy activist | AlJazeera

A Vietnamese court has upheld a nine-year prison sentence for prominent human rights activist and writer Pham Doan Trang, who was convicted of anti-state activities, his lawyers and state media said.

Afghanistan. The Taliban prevent dozens of students from traveling to Qatar | Middle Eastern Eye

Dozens of female Afghan university students have been blocked from boarding a flight to Qatar by the Taliban, who are said to have been unhappy that the young women were not traveling with male guardians.

Iranian women allowed to attend national soccer match for first time in over 40 years | CNN

Hundreds of Iranian women attended a national professional football match in Tehran for the first time in more than 40 years following a ban on women attending sports stadiums.


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