Monday, 09 November, 2020

Online Loans – The Loan for Me


Findomestic Banca was born in 1984 from the union of Italian-French financial institutions. Today, for over 30 years, this bank has been active in the field of granting loans to individuals, personal loans and salary backed loans.


Especially the Loans branch for Findomestic is very developed and cared for, so much so that today the financial company also offers the possibility of requesting loans directly online.

Findomestic online loans are a category of loans that can be concluded directly online or at least get a convenient quote to find out what the service will be.

In general, Findomestic online loans are all to be repaid in installments according to an amortization plan that varies according to the type of contract.


Loan Request 

Loan Request 


The loan request can easily take place via the Findomestic website, so directly online, easily, safely and quickly. Just go to the official Findomestic website and then enter your request and the main data to get a convenient quote before choosing the perfect Findomestic online Loans for yourself.

In the form on the right of the official website you can send the request, or rather ask for a quote of your request, also indicating the duration of the loan and installment.

In this way it is also possible to choose among different loan alternatives the one that best meets your needs.

This is only a first indication without any restrictions, in order to get an idea of ​​the possibilities that Findomestic loans offer.


The timing of granting the loan is quite short , however if you send all the right documents you can reduce them more and more until they become really minimal.

Findomestic offers a Flexible Loan, that is, a loan of up to 60 thousand euros for its projects. If you opt for the flexible option, after the first six installments you can change the installment amount without limits or skip it up to three times without fees. The desired amount is financed up to 100% .

The assignment of the fifth is one of the most widespread among Findomestic online Loans because it is a comfortable, safe loan, generally granted without problems to all those who have a paycheck or a pension, and also to protested people and bad payers .

It can be requested by public, private, state and retired employees. It is reimbursed with a monthly payment that must not exceed the amount of the pay slip or net pension by 20%. In addition there are also discounts for INPS and MEF agreements .