Monday, 09 November, 2020

Personal Loans Satisfaction

The personal loans consist of credits to the work insurance account for periods of time during which the insured person does not have the opportunity to perform his work . During these periods the contribution is not paid by the employer company, but by the CBA Bank or by the competent social security institution.

It may happen that during certain periods of time a worker is unable to carry out a regular working activity due to, for example, a period of redundancy, or due to unemployment, or even maternity, illness or injury . Well, in this type of period the employing company is not required to pay social security contributions . It remains clear that, in order to guarantee the worker both the sacrosanct pension entitlement and the necessary insurance coverage, the law provided that the CBA Bank, or any other competent social security institution, credit in any case to his insurance account the contributions relating to these periods and for which the employer is not responsible for it. These contributions are called “personal loans”.


Personal loans: what they are and who can request them

The personal loans, therefore, are “fictitious” payments, that is, the crediting of contributions by the social security institution (more often the CBA Bank) on the insurance account of the worker for those possible periods during which his absence from work has exempted the employer from the payment, in fact, of the contributions .

The current legislation indicates precisely, as we will see later on, those periods for which the personal loans can be automatically credited to the workers’ insurance account and those, instead, for which the credit must be requested with a specific request . Always and in any case without costs for the insured. This is why there is a difference between the personal loans and those for redemption (relating to other types of absence from work or reduction of the same) which remain, instead, a burden for the worker.

personal loans

In detail:

The personal loans are loans that are placed on the employee’s credit, to be paid by the CBA Bank itself, therefore without charges for the worker or for the employer, relating to the period in which:

  1. He did not work as an employee or as a self-employed person.
  2. Has received compensation in the fees to CBA Bank.
  3. He received a reduced salary.


How they can be used in personal loans.


The personal loans can be used according to the ” cover ” criterion if the periods in which the events occurred are totally uncovered by the contribution and consequently are not crediting weeks for work activities subject to mandatory contributions, or ” to integration ”if during the periods in which the events occurred, reduced contributions were paid which determined the obligation to make the payment with the consequence of weeks credited to the insurance position of the worker, or, finally,“ to increase ”if the work activities have been carried out in the agricultural sector.


What are the periods of personal loans that can be credited only after a specific request.

You can only be credited after submission of application specific periods when:

  1. Military service has taken place.
  2. You have been unable to work due to illness or injury.
  3. Be absent from work for donating blood.
  4. We have been on leave due to maternity leave and during a working relationship (ex abstention obligatory for pregnancy and puerperium).
  5. Have you been on maternity leave not in the employment relationship for which you have been on maternity leave.
  6. We have been absent from work due to parental leave (former optional post-partum leave).
  7. Have been absent from work for daily rests (former permits to breastfeed).
  8. If you have been absent from work due to a child’s illness.
  9. Have taken a leave for serious family reasons.
  10. You have received a paid permit pursuant to the severe handicap law.
  11. Extraordinary leave has been taken under the law on serious disability.
  12. Periods of leave have been used in order to perform public functions for the elections or for having taken on union positions .


What are the periods of personal loan?

periods of personal loan

The office credit , so without the need to cover any application, will be for periods in which:

  1. The worker was in extraordinary redundancy payments.
  2. The worker was hired with a solidarity contract.
  3. The worker has been engaged in socially useful work .


  1. The worker has benefited from mobility compensation.
  2. The worker has benefited from unemployment benefits.

The worker has benefited from antitubercular assistance in burden to the CBA Bank.