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Many residents of the Rural Municipality of Rockwood and the Town of Stonewall, Manitoba, are voicing their opposition to plans to expand a limestone quarry on the outskirts of town.

Rockwood resident Pam Palcat lives just outside Stonewall and says the expansion would bring the quarry a stone’s throw away.

“Currently we have about a mile between us and the nearest quarry, and once they move it will be closer to a quarter of a mile,” Palcat told Global News.

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“So we have already had a lot of problems, in our opinion, caused by the quarries. If we feel the impact a mile away, then once they get closer, the impact we are currently feeling is what the residents of the town of Stonewall will feel.

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The proposed expansion would place the quarry a quarter mile from Pam Palcat’s home, just across Highway 236.

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Palcat says she thinks the quarry blasting has already damaged the foundation and windows of their home.

“It’s a major explosion when they happen. It has a major, major impact,” she said.

She says she and her husband extended their home last October; but if they had known of the possibility of enlarging the quarry, they would not have done so.

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Napanee residents living near a quarry worry about blasting

Napanee residents living near a quarry worry about blasting – June 18, 2020

“It’s a four-season veranda and three of the walls are glass. Well, if we had known (about the expansion), we would never have invested that kind of money in a coin,” Palcat said. “When the blasting happens, as it does, everything shakes in our house. So what’s going to happen to those walls?

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She also says that a local historical group is working to restore kilns in the town, and she fears the blasting will impact those, as well as her own well and septic tank. Truck traffic, home values ​​and the health effects of airborne limestone dust are also of concern.

The RM initially rejected the proposal, but Maple Leaf Construction appealed and the matter is now before a municipal hearing board.

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“The crushing plant is about two miles down the road from us, and coming from Balmoral towards Stonewall one day, they had just blasted and it looked like a massive rain shower was happening, and it was in makes a plume of dust coming out of the quarries,” she said.

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Palcat is among several residents who are voicing their concerns and writing letters of opposition against the Maple Leaf Construction project. It had already been rejected by the MR of Rockwood but Maple Leaf is appealing.

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“My wife and I both have lung issues, breathing and air quality are very important to us,” said Rockwood resident Larry Neufeld.

Neufeld says he’s worried about what the expanded quarry will do to the value of his home, and if the project goes ahead, he’ll look at other options.

“It’s harder to sell when you have a career in your backyard,” he says.

“If we allow them to turn around and get a swerve in that safety buffer in the city, there will be further claims, because now they have set a precedent, and it’s a dangerous precedent.”

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Stonewall resident Del Phillips says he thinks the quarry blasting has caused problems with his home, even within the town. He said that while he understands the economic benefits the industry has for the city and the MR, it is simply closing for convenience.

“I accepted it for 35 years, until now,” Phillips said. “And it was OK. I lived with it, at my expense. But no, no more. I’m finished. I will fight this.

Neufeld agrees.

“We have an industry that we would love to work with,” Neufeld said. “But there is no need to encroach on the security buffer zone around the town as it is sacred and I don’t think we should compromise the town of Stonewall for its industry.”

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The RM of Rockwood declined to comment, saying the matter is currently before a City Council hearing, which is expected to conclude in September.

Global News contacted Maple Leaf Construction for comment, but did not hear back by the deadline.

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