Southeast Asian heist forces Toyota to shut down 14 factories in October


NAGOYA, Japan – Toyota Motor announced on Friday that it will once again temporarily suspend operations for several days next month at 14 factories in Japan due to a component shortage caused by the resurgence of the pandemic in Southeast Asia .

The automaker said on September 10 that it would cut production further this month and also cut production in October. It intends to reduce global production by 40%, or 330,000 vehicles, from its initial plans in October. Of this amount, national production must be reduced by 150,000 units.

The 14 factories in Japan represent 28 lines, of which 27 will experience suspensions. Toyota Auto Body manufacturing subsidiary produces the Land Cruiser sport utility vehicle at its Yoshiwara plant in Aichi Prefecture and will shut down a line for 11 days. The Tahara plant that makes Lexus luxury cars will idle some lines for eight days.

The 15 Toyota group companies that include Toyota do business with around 41,000 companies across Japan, including some major parts suppliers who have implemented their own suspensions since Toyota’s cutbacks began this month.

Toyota plans to resume normal operations in November using alternative sources for parts affected by the shortage. The automaker is looking to achieve normal productivity as much as possible in the current fiscal year that ends March 31.

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