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Vitesco Technologies presents its new innovations in two-wheelers and motorsports at EICMA alongside Continental, in Hall 15, Stand Q41.

Vitesco Technologies, a provider of modern drive technologies and solutions for electric mobility, marks its presence at the EICMA 2020 motorcycle show with a focus on electrification in the two-wheel sector. Vitesco Technologies will present its wide range of innovations in two-wheeled vehicles: from all-electric drives for light motorcycles and scooters to the demo version of a hybrid motorcycle and other electrification solutions to emission reduction systems for a wide range of two-wheeler applications on wheels and motorsports.

48 volt drive targets high volume Asian markets

The 48 volt system that Vitesco Technologies presents for the first time in Milan is designed for a power range of 3 to 7 kW, the electrified equivalent of the smallest motorized two-wheelers in the performance class up to 150 cm3 that play a central role in daily mobility in Asian countries in particular.

The system’s electronic control unit, an eDCU (Electric Drive Control Unit), contains the inverter function and additional vehicle functions. The electric motor is equipped with a robust inductive rotor position sensor (iRPS). This sensor system guarantees a high quality of control, ensuring that the electric drive can handle even the most difficult driving situations. Vitesco Technologies is already developing the 48 volt system for volume production.

Hybrid system

Unlike the 3-7kW segment, where Vitesco Technologies expects a very dynamic shift to all-electric drives in the near future, the company assumes that hybrid solutions will play an important role in a transition phase for larger motorcycles. large – because future CO2 limits can no longer be achieved solely by means of measures aimed at the combustion engine.

In the hybrid motorcycle demo vehicle shown in Milan, the additional electric motor is a standard 48-volt, belt-driven motor starter-alternator, where Vitesco Technologies has been using 48-volt hybridization since 2016. The starter-generator also makes it possible to cover shorter distances purely electrically, especially in city traffic. It also makes riding fun as it noticeably improves performance especially on midsize motorcycles.

A PDCU (Powertrain Domain Control Unit) manages the very demanding control strategy of hybrid systems. This master controller controls the 48 volt machine, communicates with the M4C engine control unit of the combustion engine and coordinates the two types of drive: it decides when to drive electrically, when to use the conventional drive and when to use both, and also ensures smooth transitions between driving modes.

Another innovation of the hybrid motorcycle is an intelligent actuator (Smart Transmission Actuator), which can switch the transmission independently and without actuating the clutch. With such automated manual transmissions, high CO2 savings can be achieved as the electronic control system can effect the gear change at an optimum time for fuel economy.

Electrification range from on-off functionality to high performance drives

Two other EICMA exhibits demonstrate the breadth of Vitesco Technologies’ electrification portfolio: an integrated Starter Generator Control Unit (ISG) and the integrated EMR3 (Electronics Motor Reducer 3rd Generation) axle drive.

With the starter-alternator computer, a start-stop function can be integrated into two-wheelers with a displacement of up to 250cc with a minimum of effort. For this, the 12 volt alternator present in the system is modified so that it functions not only as a generator but also as an actuator to start the combustion engine. This means that the starter can be omitted. The actuator can also be used to increase power in certain driving situations.

The third generation of EMR (Electronics Motor Reducer), which Vitesco Technologies has used as standard in many passenger car models since 2019, is a highly integrated, compact and lightweight unit comprising an electric motor, power electronics (inverter) and a reducer. .

It is suitable for performance-oriented three- or four-wheel electric vehicles, such as side-by-side models, as well as rickshaws. Vitesco Technologies recently announced its first use outside the passenger car sector: thanks to the EMR3 engine, the high-performance three-wheeler Twike 5, due to go into limited production from mid-2022, will accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, reach a peak of 190 km / h and get by with a combined consumption of only 6.9 kWh per 100 km.

New solutions for classic drives and high-end motorcycles

After Vitesco Technologies made the smaller single-cylinder gasoline engines Bluetooth compatible with the M4L_BLE engine control unit integrated into the throttle caps, the company now presents another M4 variant with a special functional feature: the M4REK uses electric gas, which means that the throttle valve is no longer operated by a Bowden cable, but electronically controlled (“drive-by-wire”). This gives engine management full control over the air path, meaning that all parameters can now be optimally aligned to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The ultracompact control unit which integrates the electrical management of gas and engine in a single unit, also allows different driving modes such as “Eco” or “Sport”.

In the premium segment, Vitesco Technologies has set an industry benchmark with its engine control systems M4C (for one or two cylinders) and M4D (up to four cylinders), which offer a wide range of functions in a very small space. In Milan, the company is now also presenting further developments for this segment.

With the intelligent transmission actuator, the manual transmission can also be automated for motorcycles. Another novelty is an electronically controlled double throttle body (Electronic Throttle Body, Twin Parallel). This electric gas system moves both butterflies with a single drive unit, and its extremely compact design makes it particularly attractive for twin engines. High performance in small spaces also makes the METALIT catalyst carriers (LS design / PE design) on display at EICMA stand out: they provide efficient exhaust aftertreatment with their flow-optimized designs.

Vitesco Technologies presents its new innovations in two-wheelers and motorsports at EICMA alongside Continental, in Hall 15, Stand Q41.

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