Thammasat University Hospital Opens Southeast Asia’s Only One-Stop Joint Replacement Center


Assoc. Professor Gasinee Witoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University, said: “Thammasat University Hospital is very proud of ‘Thammasat Joint Replacement Center’ as it demonstrates our commitment to providing excellent care services. health, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion to people. . We have improved knee and hip replacement to improve the patient experience, provide durable, high-quality prosthetic joints, and ensure comfort and convenience in obtaining our services.

Thammasat University Hospital Opens Southeast Asia's Only One-Stop Joint Replacement Center

Assoc. Professor Dr Nattapol Tammachote, Deputy Director of Facilities Management and Professor of Medicine specializing in Knee and Hip Replacement at Thammasat University Hospital, said: “The Thammasat Joint Replacement Center is located on 2nd floor of the Dulasophak Building, Thammasat University Hospital. It provides one-stop service with a team of specialists, nurses and staff who are ready to care for patients before, during and after surgery.

Thammasat University Hospital Opens Southeast Asia's Only One-Stop Joint Replacement Center

Robotic arm technology allows surgeons to perform surgery with greater precision, using computerized tomography with a 3D model of the joints. This can reduce errors in positioning the implants at the precise location and cause less pain after surgery. However, every surgical patient is different. Such technology will allow surgeons to develop a personalized plan to accommodate each patient’s unique anatomy, including determining implant size and measuring soft tissue balance. It also provides a better outcome, faster recovery and shorter hospital stay. According to research studies, robotic arm technology can increase positioning accuracy and precision by 50% compared to conventional replacements. Patients will experience less pain and will be able to resume normal activities and improve their quality of life.

Interested persons can request further information from the Thammasat Joint Replacement Center on 0 2926 9260 or 0 2926 9360 during government office hours.


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