UK weather: A tropical heatwave could lead to a week of thunderstorms


Thunderstorms could be set to sweep the southwest tonight amid forecasts of a tropical plume bringing a mini heatwave across the country next week. Temperatures are expected to hit 20C in the coming days in the UK, but forecasters warn this could be followed by explosive thunderstorms, the Express reported.

John Hammond, meteorologist for Weathertrending, said: “Even this weekend, thundery showers can drift from France to parts of the south and central.

“In the brighter periods, temperatures could climb to the mid-20s at the start of the new week, and new clouds and potentially heavy rain are likely to pulse erratically north across the UK over the next few days Amounts will vary but the potential is there for lots of rain in some places.

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The South West could be on the verge of thunderstorms as early as tonight, according to the Met Office, which predicts ‘heavy and possibly thundery scattered showers overnight’ for the region today. Britons are being warned to follow the weather forecast before making plans for the weekend.

Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “Things are heating up for the weekend but while there will be sunshine on Saturday there will also be thunderstorms.

“A fairly warm and humid air is rising across France, and this is likely to trigger heavy thundery showers which could well drift north on Saturday evening and still cross parts of England and Wales on Sunday. Sunday will be a hot and humid day with the risk of heavy thunderstorms.

“Between showers there will be breaks in cloud and some sunshine, and temperatures could reach the mid-20s. If you have plans based on the weather on Sunday, keep up to date with the forecast.

The tropical plume, which could sweep the country next week, will be pulled from North Africa and the continent by a huge anticyclonic system stretching across the Atlantic. Jim Dale, meteorologist for the UK Meteorological Service, said: “Temperatures will start to rise over the weekend as warm air arrives from the continent and North Africa.

“We are looking at highs in the mid 20Cs or even higher early next week, with a peak expected around Tuesday or Wednesday. We will need to watch out for thunderstorms during this time, and there could be scattered thunderstorms that will start to appear early in the weekend. »

And the thunderous outbursts could linger all next week as humid temperatures destabilize the atmosphere. Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Over the next week we expect above average temperatures, average to high temperatures of 20C are possible at times mainly towards the south-east if we see sunshine with this plume.

“But with these high temperatures, we could see showers or thunderstorms breaking out. It will be hot or possibly very hot next week, and sometimes there will be outbreaks of rain.


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