US government funds opposition movements in Southeast Asia to surround China



In the name of democracy, organizations funded by the US government are supporting opposition movements to bring instability to different parts of the world.

Bangkok-based geopolitical analyst and former US Navy Brian Berletic has sought the common thread between all violent mob opposition movements in Southeast Asia, in China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and during the Arab Spring and discovered that a number of organizations that receive funding from the US government were behind them.

“They are all funded by the same handful of organizations,” said Berletic, such as “The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which the United States itself admits is what took over the responsibilities of the CIA regarding the US sponsored regime change. “

Using Southeast Asia as a facade to encircle China has been enshrined in U.S. foreign policy decades ago. Berletic had exposed the interventions and covered the real situation on which many Western media turned a blind eye when violent movements took place in Thailand.

Berletic believes that the goal of US interventions in Southeast Asia is to push governments that have good relations with China out of power and replace them with client regimes that irrationally hate and cut ties with China, despite the risk of destroying their local economy and destabilizing the region.

Listen to Berletic’s analysis in this video. For the full interview: Ex-Marine exposes the US government’s covert political interference in Asia.

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