warmer start of the week


The story for the first half of the week will be warmer temperatures. Showers could return as early as Wednesday.

Next 24 hours: Low clouds that moved across the region’s sky on Monday afternoon are expected to move out of the west to eat overnight. With this clearing, low temperatures will fall back into the low 50s and with light southeasterly winds raising dew point temperatures on Monday afternoon, saturation and fog formation will be possible. As temperatures reach the mid-1970s on Tuesday afternoon, any lingering fog will quickly subside to mostly sunny skies.

Following: Wednesday will be a repeat of the morning fog and warm afternoon temperatures. While a few more clouds may be around, any areas that receive a period of sunshine could cross 80 degrees. A cold front will move across the region Thursday morning. This will bring light rain over the region until Thursday afternoon. It will clear just as quickly for a quieter time to end the week and start the weekend. Winds will turn northerly behind the front and lower temperatures on Friday and Saturday. This air mass doesn’t look as cold as it did last weekend and temperatures will only be a few degrees below the average highs and lows of 71 and 47. CLICK HERE for your full forecast on 7 days.

The Tropics: For the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic, no tropical development is expected over the next five days. For the latest tropical forecasts, advisories and information, visit the WBRZ Hurricane Center as we wrap up the 183-day hurricane season.

The explanation: A surface high pressure system will continue to move eastward in the southeastern corner of the country through the middle of the week. Of course, the resulting southeast winds at the surface will gradually bring some moisture to the lower levels of the atmosphere. This can be seen for the first time in a scattered fog formation until Tuesday morning. Still, with drier air dominating most of the atmosphere, mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures are expected on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, a repeated episode of fog is possible with enough humidity in the area for the afternoon for a few low clouds to form. As the lower levels warm up steadily, any sunlight will allow the afternoon thermometers to grow 80 degrees. An upper-level low pressure trough will cross the northern half of the country on Thursday and send an associated cold front to the region. Enough time will have passed for the moisture recovery to withstand a few showers. However, with the front being weaker in nature and the higher level system being much further north, the threat of heavy rains and severe weather will be low again, thankfully. Some cooler air will work behind the front as the winds move north. The lows will retreat to the 1940s on Friday and Saturday morning but will not be as cold as the previous front. A second front is expected Sunday through Monday as a larger, upper-level trough digs into the eastern United States. This one is a bit far from the details, but it also looks like it will bring showers and a slight drop in temperatures.


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