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After experiencing three to four days of ‘bad weather’, rain and tails of thunderstorms, today (Monday) the sun shone on Trinbago.

And as I sat in my gallery overlooking the plains of Caroni, I felt the warmth of the sun and the view surrounding my residence – the different shades of green of the many trees and shrubs with the different species of birds singing from all their heart.

The flight of parrots flying over the nearby Northern Range added to my inner happiness and I thought to myself that we people of Trinidad and Tobago truly live in a tropical paradise.

So I finished my simple healthy breakfast of whole wheat sada roti and tomato choka. I was sipping my Hong Wing coffee (black, the best in the world) when my wife brought me the newspapers.

And going through all the headlines in all the daily newspapers brought me back to reality. The front page of the Express screamed “Bloody Hell”, the murder count stands at 273 with 15 murders.

My false sense of happiness and security was immediately shattered and I wondered how long the people of Trinidad and Tobago would tolerate the various governments of the day whose duty it was to protect us from criminal elements.

How long will our tribal division persist in allowing us to tolerate the criminal elements, gangs and murderers who make up only half a percent of the population of this country. And all I could mumble was “Cry, my beloved country”.

When will the hell of Trinbago be overcome and we will return to the tropical paradise of Trinidad and Tobago?


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