Who is Shree Saini? Here’s everything you need to know about Miss World America 2021


Shree Saini of Washington state became the first Indo-American to win the 2021 Miss World America crown in Los Angeles. She is one of the most unique contest winners to have been crowned.

After winning the prestigious title, Saini said in a statement: “I am now your first Indian American and the first Asian to become Miss World America. Due to my coronation history, I think it This is a collective victory. It is not just my victory. It is a victory for our inclusive “America”, it is a victory for our diverse America, for every race, for everyone. honored to represent this inclusiveness that America has, “she wrote on her website.

In a statement after her victory, Saini thanked her parents and Miss World America for the honor. She said: “I am happy and quite nervous. I cannot express my feelings (in words). All credit goes to my parents, especially my mother for supporting who I am here. Thank you Miss World. America for this honor. “

Who is Shree Saini?

Shree Saini was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, and then moved to the United States at the age of 5. At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with a low heart rate with an average of only 20 beats per minute. She has since had a permanent pacemaker. Later in her life, she had a serious car accident that left her with severe burns to her face, and the doctor said she would need a year to recover, but she resumed school after just two. weeks.

These two incidents motivated the 25-year-old to become an advocate for heart health. His work has been recognized by the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Doctors Without Borders, among others.

Prior to winning Miss World America, she held the title of Miss World America Washington and the prestigious position of Miss World America’s Beauty with a National Ambassador Purpose.

Shree Saini – A patient with a pacemaker and a burn survivor

Her Instagram profile describes her as a pacemaker patient and burn survivor. She has 341 posts and 80.7,000 Instagram followers. After being crowned Miss World America by former Miss World Diana Hayden, she posted a heartfelt note on the photo-blogging site. She wrote: “Thank you God for blessing me with the service work of Miss World America 2021 🙏 I feel so grateful to everyone who held my hand, encouraged me, corrected me as needed and guided me in my life journey. It is not just my victory, but OUR collective victory: it is a victory for our inclusive and diverse “America”, for every race, for every culture, for everyone . It’s a victory for endless kindness, resilience and perseverance in difficult times. “


Image: Facebook / Shree Saini

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